Our Research


The Leonidas Project is dedicated to carrying out its own, or highlighting others' research into the subject of bullying in the Church.


All members of our team are experienced researchers who are well-versed in reading research literature or documenting their own work in a manner which is academically rigorous.


When we publish a research paper, we acknowledge the sources that we have used, so that if you wish to, you can pursue your own reading via these same sources.


This project is unfunded, and so at present no research grants are available. Equally, if you wish to offer research for publication by Leonidas, you retain all rights over your work and remain free to derive income from it in any way that you are able.


If you wish to offer your work to be published on this website, we reserve the right to subject it to independent academic scrutiny prior to publication and/or may invite you to do this yourself. We will not in any way monetise any work presented to us for publication.


A summary of published research establishing connections between bullying or mobbing incidents and the infliction of physical and/or psychological harm to victims and witnesses requiring actions under safeguarding procedures within the Church of England and a short consideration of UK case law relating to denial of foreseeability of outcomes of bullying behaviour.


This report cites 23 sources demonstrating the harmful effects of bullying which bring such conduct within the definition of "Safeguarding". It also considers the legal precedents relating to the 'foreseeability' of the consequences of bullying behaviour, as well as the definition of what constitutes a 'vulnerable person' under UK legislation which is wider than that acknowledged by the Church of England.


Copyright has been waived to enable this paper to be reproduced in part or in full, subject to the inclusion of appropriate citations.


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