Is There A Psychopath In My Parish ?

We have just released a 30-minute documentary film via YouTube called "Is There A Psychopath In My Parish?".


The film brings together research from many different sources which indicate that conflict within faith communities can often be fuelled by one or more people with psychopathic tendencies who collaborate to create disharmony and to drive out members of that community whom they perceive as rivals.


The film details some of the tactics used and will show how to recognise a psychopath at work as well as how to reduce the threat they pose to peace and harmony.

You can watch the documentary from the link above. It is accompanied by a Worksheet which you can download afterwards by clicking here and use either by yourself or in a discussion group to review the issues and decide on actions to be taken. There are also details of further reading which you can undertake both online and in printed books to better inform yourself about this topic.


If the issues raised in this film have affected you personally or your faith community, please feel free to contact us (completely confidentially) at as there may be an opportunity for you to become involved (anonymously) in a future project.