Apart from reading material, we are also using the medium of video to make sometimes complex information more accessible. It is also easier to share a video with fellow-worshippers or perhaps to screen it in a group or at a Church Council meeting before discussing it afterwards. All images and music in our videos are from the public domain and so may be feely re-broadcast or publicly broadcast without risk of copyright violation.

With each video, a discussion sheet is provided with some questions to consider either individually or in discussion, as well as suggestions on how to draw up an Action Plan to address any issues around bullying which you or the group identify.


Please note that we regret that do not provide consultancy services, counselling services or any other paid-for services but are happy to help you locate such services if you feel that you need them. 

The Leonidas Project brings together specialist researchers who have studied (and sadly in many cases been extensively targeted in) the occurrence of bullying and harrassing behaviour in churches.


Leonidas has been formed to make more accessible the outputs of many person-years of academic and empirical research in an easy-to-access way - complete with bibiliographical references -  thereby enabling our work to be cited in legal and civil cases as well as providing a free resource for people who may have no easy means of locating and assembling information in support of cases which they are conducting on their own behalf.



Why are there no names on this website ?

The reason for this may (or may not) shock you. Some of the contributors to this site are serving ministers or lay officers of Churches, and they fear that if they were to become known for being involved, they, too, might be subjected to bullying, intimidation or discrimination by the members and officers of their own churches and accused of trying to undermine their own churches.


Instead therefore, they simply prefer to provide research inputs from articles published by named authors since these are in the public domain. Some of these authors are contributors to this website, some are simply being referenced. It is therefore impossible to single out the contributors for special bullying treatment.